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1 an attendant who checks coats or baggage
2 one who checks the correctness of something
3 one of the flat round pieces used in playing checkers


1 mark into squares or draw squares on; draw crossed lines on [syn: check, chequer]
2 variegate with different colors, shades, or patterns [syn: chequer]

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  1. One who checks something.
  2. The clerk who tallies cost of purchases and accepts payment.
    ''There was a long line at the grocery store because the checker was so slow.
  3. A playing piece in the game of checkers (British: draughts).


One who checks something
The clerk who tallies cost of purchases and accepts payment
A playing piece in the game of checkers

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Checker may refer to:
  • Checker Motors Corporation, an automotive industry subcontractor that was once the builder of the iconic Checker taxicab and the Superba and Marathon automobiles.
  • Checker Taxi, a livery company (taxi service) founded by Morris Markin, that used Checker Taxi Cabs.
  • Checker Records, a record label
  • the action which produces checkering, a surface applied to wooden gunstocks to provide a non-slip grip (see Gunsmith).
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alter, ameliorate, band, bar, be changed, be converted into, be renewed, bespangle, bespeckle, bespot, blotch, bottom out, break, change, check, chop, chop and change, come about, come around, come round, dapple, degenerate, deteriorate, deviate, diverge, diversify, dot, flake, fleck, flop, freckle, harlequin, haul around, improve, iris, jibe, maculate, marble, marbleize, meliorate, mitigate, modulate, motley, mottle, mutate, pepper, polychrome, polychromize, rainbow, revive, shift, spangle, speck, speckle, splotch, spot, sprinkle, stigmatize, stipple, streak, striate, stripe, stud, swerve, tack, take a turn, tattoo, tessellate, turn, turn aside, turn into, turn the corner, undergo a change, variegate, vary, veer, vein, warp, worsen
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